So I've got this huge packlog of photos hanging out here. I figure it's time to do something with them.

I like the idea of confetti at a wedding, as opposed to bubbles or rice.

(via tatar)
I usually don't do animal photos, but you so rarely see a bat being adorable, or being combed with a toothbrush, so I kept it.

But, I mean, it's Brad Pitt.

It's Mad Men, how could you say no?

Mostly, I just think this is gorgeous.

Does no one else want to own every element of this photo? The shoes, dress, bike...

mate ugrin photography photographer
The composition of this is just fantastic.

Sorry, last adorable animal photo. Promise.

Anyone know where to get these?

The colors in this are just too fantastic. Check out the link, too. The rest of her work is amazing.


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