Okay, so I suck at life

Alright, so I suck at keeping this thing updated and have found a much better way to keep everything together.

Check it: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/andrea.seiwert

Instead of copy/pasting everything to here and attempting to have time to keep everything up, I can just do it directly from my Google Reader and don't have another time-suck to mess with.

You can check me there from now on.

Library of my dreams

I haven't ever been a big fan of built-in shelves (or built-in anything for that matter), but these made me want to knock out a wall or two and go for it.

And all of it is functional.

rockring.jpg Rock ring picture by star__child
Gorgeous unpolished gemstone rings in lovely cardboard packaging.

A tired tired cliche, thanks to Banksy, but a fun piece nonetheless.