Okay, so I suck at life

Alright, so I suck at keeping this thing updated and have found a much better way to keep everything together.

Check it: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/andrea.seiwert

Instead of copy/pasting everything to here and attempting to have time to keep everything up, I can just do it directly from my Google Reader and don't have another time-suck to mess with.

You can check me there from now on.

Library of my dreams

I haven't ever been a big fan of built-in shelves (or built-in anything for that matter), but these made me want to knock out a wall or two and go for it.

And all of it is functional.

rockring.jpg Rock ring picture by star__child
Gorgeous unpolished gemstone rings in lovely cardboard packaging.

A tired tired cliche, thanks to Banksy, but a fun piece nonetheless.

I love the flooring and the wood accents, but I hate the plain white everything else. I always prefer a creme or ivory.
And still no Eames chair.

I know I put up another photo of a sweater here not that long ago with mountains or whatever, but I move that title to this one. This is the sweater I've waited my whole life for.


Apparently peeps of wood grain from beneath an opaque paint are something I really enjoy. I look forward to doing this on some of my own furniture.
Absolutely gorgeous flooring. Site in English and German only.

Blue walls, textured wallpapers and pretty lights. These are the things I want.

I've decided I'm going to create a Rolodex for all my recipes. I don't really have that many, but it will be a nice way to organize them all and keep them that way once I add more.