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byAMT Studio is a product design studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

In her words: "The white packaging is made from museum board, letter pressed, glued together (layers of the museum board), die cut and last but not least, edged with either white or gold "bands" like a book. They're all kept together with a set of rubber bands.

The black packaging is also museum board, not glued just kept in loose layers, so depending on the thickness of the ring there are more or less layers of the museum board. Each piece is laser cut and the text and ring shape are laser etched. Again these are kept together with rubber bands."

What I liked so much about this packaging is that the artist designed it herself - the structure/shape really ties into the core design of her jewelry concept. The rings are like flat silhouette 'cutouts' that are cast from precious metals (gold, silver or platinum). Their flat nature make them more suited for packing sideways, rather than the traditional 'face up' orientation of ordinary ring boxes.








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