Harold and Maude

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roundup 1

[image above, clockwise from top left: daisy umbrella $32,gloria’s garden rug $348, yellow raincoat $18, burberry scarf $155, shovel $13, teapot $75, fruiteria lamp $298, acacia wood stool $220, buttercup hook $12]

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roundup 2

[image above, clockwise from top left: model 1966 cadillac hearse $110,banjo $709, shag pillow $98, side table$128, meat cleaver $39, tie $68, laboratory vases $14]

I don't hold much by re-makes, but I do feel as though Wes Anderson would be able to do this movie beautiful beautiful justice.

Yes, please.

Image of Keep it simple, syrup

Image of Olive or Twist

Image of Shaken or Stirred

Image of Keep Calm And Carry Rum
vampire weekend cousins music video garth jennings
I have yet to be disappointed in a Vampire Weekend Video. Their new one, "Cousin," is directed by Garth Jennings and doesn't get anywhere near disappointing.
The red dot is the needle, amp, and speaker.

Gorgeous prints make great gifts.

Magnetic collar stays and the most adorable cufflinks I've ever seen.
This is how all kitchen utensils should be stored from now on. Such a space-saver, too.



A Friend of Mine 02

Styletto Comp Sheet by you.


And Ben thinks pugs aren't adorable.


More paper and type

Foreign Policy 2009 Calendar

Type necklaces

I wish I had the kind of money to get Ben this for any present-giving occasion.

You can choose your two letters, though the case and font style are not guaranteed, I still feel as though this would be a lovely gift to give or receive.
Jesus Christ, one of these days I'll feel caught up enough that I won't put up these hugely long posts for whoever to slog through. These are funny, though.


I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters, there are like a thousand species of dinosaur.


Alright, that wasn't so bad, now was it?
The link given to me was simply thedieline.com so I'm not sure which page it came from, who designed it, or who is using it presently. I do know, however, that it looks fabulous:

Shop up and running, now, so don't wait. These would make great stocking stuffers.

as what we've got isn't going to last much longer. Did you know it snowed here the other day? Be sure to check out the rest of the post on nytimes.com (the title is the link, don't worry), as its fantastic.






A lamp inspired by a bicycle. Latest work by Christian Vivanco.

Brooks saddle, Titan stem, , workerman wooden bars

mustache on your bike
You can give your bike a mustache!

Mythical Creatures

5 Ways Hollywood Tricks You Into Seeing Bad Movies  Cracked.com


Day 3: Identity Crisis