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I adore This post is particularly fantastic.

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I loathe watching people brush their teeth and wish I never ever had to, but this picture is gorgeous.


Sean Capone/ (Women's Fashion Spring 2008)

Michael Dal Vecchio. Photo by Robin Broadbent (Men's Fashion Fall 2006)

Kevin Van Aelst (Living Spring 2007)

Fendi. Photo by Stephen Lewis (Women's Fashion Fall 2008)

Brian Dettmer. Photo by Stephen Lewis (Travel Spring 2008)

Pierre Vanni. Photo by Mitchell Feinberg (Travel Summer 2009)

Marc André Robinson. Photo by Christopher Griffith (Men's Fashion Spring 2009)

All from T magazine.
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Remember those forts?

They chose a winner!

eric rice wild things fort winner

“I spent the long weekend building my fort out old pallets and other discarded materials. I didn’t use any nails or screws to build the actual fort, it’s lashed together with hundreds of feet of string, and is surprisingly sturdy, even on the third floor. I had an awesome time building it, and hope you guys do some more contests in the future.” – Eric, creator

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audrey bonnamy

And some grammar for good measure:


Ryan's Mix CD

Experimental Jetset: MARIEKE STOLK, ERWIN BRINKERS AND DANNY VAN DEN DUNGEN, Amsterdam Film Night 2004 Netherlands, 2004 Street Poster and Program Booklet Graphic Munn

+ V I B R A T O R +
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These webcomics have been eating up my storage space for too long. There's a reason they were there, of course.

He's clampin' for a clampin'!




Stephen Douglas actually died soon after the debates and election, but if you demand historical accuracy in your webcomics you should be reading Hark! A Vagrant.

where the wild things are forts

I want to make a fort in my apartment someday - maybe this summer. Also, check out the website, some of these forts kick ass.

I don't have an iPhone, but if I did you can be sure I would have this app.


richard perez




You Beautiful Little Scumbag



a meal without wine