Gorgeous announcements.


As I've said before, I love paper goods. Any stationary I see and like, I will own it by the end of the day, especially letterpress. I love everything about these announcements.

Warm and cozy

Photos like this make me feel extra cozy on my warm couch this time of year.

Photo my Marko Kosovcevic.

Still into desks, too. I still need a new one - any ideas?

More studies of shapes, please!

If I made these, they probably wouldn't have been as nice (as in kind).

Apparently I've been digging on the library thing lately. I'm okay with that.

Kayce Lomas created this awesome little alphabet made up of random textures that correspond to the letter. So as you can see in the top image The A is a sea anemone, the B is Barnacles, the C is clouds and the D is diamonds. This isn’t a new idea but it’s a well-executed one and I think she did a great job of giving these letters a lot of character. I really love the N, which I think is a nest, and the O which I think is made of octopus legs.
To see more of Kayce’s type experiments you can click here.

Aqua Notes

Fun late gift for everyone. I've bought two late gifts for Ben so far, and I'm probably not done yet.

A beautiful office space to welcome us back from the Christmas season.



I have been obsessed with this photo for no reason other than the copious amount of art supplies and the awesome shoe sticker.

Does this pretty space not make you want to make things?

Gorgeous.This unusual wall storage shelf-thingy called Imeüble made me look. Designed by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad, a newly educated furniture designer with a masters degree from 2009 from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Homework desk

Another desk that I want badly. I am fully running out of workspace, so I'm in the market to say the least.

Contest held for the best paper snowflakes! They make fantastic winter decorations.

Lovely packaging from the lovely package exchange.



Gorgeous stationary from Anna Bond over at Rifle Paper Co.

Quote bookends

Quote/Unquote Bookends

Gorgeous typographic bookends!

This is definitely what I'm doing for our apartment this year. We have no space, can't use Christmas lights, but want/need to decorate it somehow.

Christmas by color


Christmas by color. Cards, poster, stickers. Very fun stuff for the holidays.
eraser brush

Eraser brush!

You have no idea how much I want these socks. Ben would get a kick out of them, too.

Vase necklace

Beautiful vase necklaces from Rokettoro. Change it daily for a different look!

Gorgeous furnishings at Shine.
I have always enjoyed design*sponge's before and after pics. This is today's and it's definitely a favorite. The link there takes you to another favorite of mine.




Gorgeous lace hair bands.

More gorgeous storage. Ben aptly called the last one, "It looks like at Eames Storage unit exploded and added a clock."

Money is tight this year, but DIY gifts aren't. For this one, just grab an old book and start cutting. Makes a great hiding spot for valuables like jewelry or a fifth of whiskey.

You can purchase one using the link in the title, but I think you can come up with a much more interesting shape as well as a more interesting (or fitting) book to tear up.

Retro Keyboard

Fantastic keyboard from The Conran Shop. It's flexible, too!
Jane Austen Book

New Release of six titles of Vintage Austen by Random House. There is a very special place in my heart for Jane Austen and any new edition of her works is a version I want.

I need a larger wall so I can do something like this against it. This is fantastic.

This is a gorgeous idea.
Click to enlarge

I need a big-girl desk one of these days and it would be lovely if this were it.

Hand-cut poster

Beautiful hand-cut poster from graphic designer Giulia Santopadre's up-dated online portfolio.

Ideas, ideas.

I know I promised no more GIFs, but this was just too adorable.

Tiny desktop calendar created by Studio 8 Design for Fedrigoni, which seems to be a British paper company which specializes in Italian papers. The paper is Ferigoni paper and the colors you see are the colors the paper is available.

My only beef with this is that, hypothetically, you’re going to waste 365 pieces of fine Italian paper. Sure, you can recycle each and every one of them, but it still feels make me feel a little dirty.
swine flu hanky
In commemoration of the cold I currently suffer from (hopefully not swine flu.
Objectify Alphabet

Teo Manna's new Objectify Alphabet.
alpine series bed
Juan Carlos Pagan 02

Semilla 02